Bannach 2022: "ARCO"

With "Arco", designer Moritz Bannach presents a geometric coffee table that adds a sculptural plus to the room in terms of shape and colour.

No fear of bold gestures: since founding his brand Bannach, Moritz Bannach has already shown with the "Abbondio" and "Elio" tables how powerful clear, graphic lines can be in combination with strong colours. For the "Arco" coffee table, he now crosses two 123-centimetre-long and 33-centimetre-thick boards on top of each other to create storage surfaces at different heights. The creative spirit of Memphis co-founder Ettore Sottsass also shines through in the colour and pattern: The strong red and orange as well as the chequered laminate that can be chosen for the "Arco" version come from his mind. The colours and veneers can be individually combined, from cadium yellow to walnut, from cobalt blue to zebrano. The result is creative furniture that blurs the supposed boundaries between art and design. (am)