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BANNACH is a Berlin-based furniture brand, founded by Moritz Bannach in 2018. The brand pursues a strong interdisciplinary approach and feels at home in the areas of design, architecture and art. In close cooperation with selected manufacturers in Germany, BANNACH creates modern furniture characterized by its unmistakable design and premium quality.

BANNACH creates objects that not only provide functional benefits, but also represent strong aesthetic values. Purist design and a bold combination of colors are among the core design features of the brand.

BANNACH's furniture is manufactured in close cooperation with selected traditional German workshops to ensure their premium quality and sustainability. The production process combines innovative manufacturing technologies and traditional manufacturing methods. In addition to an unmistakable design, furniture of the BANNACH brand impresses with outstanding quality and longevity.

Every piece of furniture by BANNACH is decorated with a sign made of polished brass. These noble marks are provided with an individual serial number, which makes each furniture an original. The seals underline the claim of the BANNACH brand: to create exclusive furniture objects that are produced under high quality standards in Germany.

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