With "BetteAntirutschSense", Bette has created a new surface for all shower trays and bathtubs in glossy colours that offers the highest level of slip resistance on glazed titanium steel.

A slip resistance that you can neither see nor feel: for "BetteAntirutschSense", the Betteglaze is supplemented in detail with a suspension that offers a ceramic component. Unaesthetic slip mats or pads are thus a thing of the past, because the application is virtually invisible: neither the aesthetics nor the feel of the surface are altered by the added safety. The slip resistance complies with DIN 51097 rating group C and thus meets the highest standards. And cleaning is also uncomplicated, as usual with all products from the family-owned company: "BetteAntirutsch Sense" is resistant to abrasion or the usual cleaning agents used in bathrooms. For all Bette fittings in matt colours, meanwhile, the "BetteAntirutsch Pro" surface coating ensures stability and slip resistance. (am)