Bette 2021: BETTEAIR

A shower tile that is flush with the bathroom floor: with "BetteAir", Dominik Tesseraux has created a shower tile for Bette that can be glued directly onto the screed.

The installation of the new "BetteAir" shower tile from Bette is thus flush with the floor and access to the shower is barrier-free. The edge height of the titanium steel product body was reduced to ten millimetres for this purpose, which corresponds to the material thickness of a large-format tile. The drain was also rethought and enlarged to 200 millimetres – to form the narrowest possible drainage groove. This means that it is no longer noticeable underfoot. BetteAir" is also a visual winner: the flowing transitions contribute significantly to a pleasant room atmosphere. Available in a choice of 31 colours, "BetteAir" offers many options for individual bathroom design. "BetteAir" has all the advantages of a tile without its disadvantages. With the shower tile, the floor of the shower is immaculately beautiful, free of joints and thus absolutely hygienic and easy to clean," says Dominik Tesseraux. (am)