Curves for relaxation

With “BetteEve” Tesseraux+Partner have created a collection of bathtubs that with their organic shapes offer comfortable sitting and makes the hard titanium steel used feel silky soft.

“It’s not just about fulfilling a function, but also about how it feels”, suggests designer Dominik Tesseraux. A comfortable feel together with soft, jointless transitions – when it comes to bathtubs created to allow for the highest possible degree of relaxation, the materiality of the product is crucial. When designing “BetteEve” Tesseraux+Partner decided to opt for a natural molding for the inner shape, which in combination with the enameled titanium steel offers an ideal outcome in the form of an ellipse. Symmetrical backrests on both sides of the tub and the two emphasized areas of the geometric base offer comfortable sitting for two people. The transition between the edge and body of the robust titanium tub is fluid – showing off the depth of knowledge Bette has amassed in its craft.

At 180 x 100 centimeters, “BetteEve” provides enough space for stretching out and relaxing in the tub. The three available shapes allow for the bathtub collection to be ideally integrated into the most diverse of architectural situations, be it as an oval or square built-in tub or as a standalone version. The spectrum with its 400 sanitary colors as well as three special colors “Satin White”, “Glittery Midnight” and “Blue Satin” offer a great deal of freedom for user’s design ideas. An invisible extra that further heightens the feel-good atmosphere in the bathroom is the pre-installed basic acoustic protection set, which is attached from the outside and ensures pleasant acoustics in the room. Together with his team Dominik Tesseraux has been developing pioneering products for Bette since 2009, “pure shapes that don’t feature any unnecessary details”, as the designer explains. Pure lines, a great look and feel, high quality materials and all of this in combination with smart technologies thus form a sensuous ensemble. Dominik Tesseraux’s analysis: “Bathrooms are increasingly becoming smarter, and I could imagine that in parallel the textures of the surfaces and a new tactile quality will become ever more important”. (am)

Experience glazed titanium steel