Stylepark Bocci
Rigid textile

With “73v” the luminaire manufacturer Bocci is continuing a successful collection – in gentle colors and irregular shapes.

It is a well-known fact that the art of glassblowing has a lot to do with the getting the mixture of raw materials, exact temperatures, and most importantly, timing right. Does that make it rocket science? At the latest in the case of the Canadian luminaire manufacturer Bocci and its light sculptures in the “73” series, it does. For their products the company uses a ceramic fabric that is otherwise used in rocket propulsion, industrial ovens, and electrical insulation. In order to produce the glass bodies the molten glass is poured into a sort of bag made of precisely this fabric, where it solidifies. The result: irregularly shaped, milky glass volumes with a delicate lattice texture on the outside. An LED module on the inside is the source of diffuse light.

Bocci is now continuing the collection with “73v”. For this luminaire model the small ceramic fabric pouches are again filled with molten glass, meaning that each and every one is unique. By way of contrast with the original luminaire, the “73v” glass bodies are considerably smaller and have an oval, elongated shape. Furthermore, there is a colored glass option. In total there is a choice of seven hues – for example purple or opaque blue. “The light source is positioned at the top of each pendant, accentuating the volumetric perception of the piece as well as the gradation of color” Bocci states by way of describing the interplay between the LED bulb and the shade. The luminaires best come into their own in groups – suspended from the ceiling on delicate cords, at different heights and at irregular distances from one another.

“73v” was presented at this year’s Euroluce in Milan. It is currently on display in Berlin: in the Bocci building on Kantstrasse in the city’s Charlottenburg district. It is also available from selected specialist retailers. (mh)