Between Heaven and Earth

Bonnie, a restaurant in the Morland Mixité Capitale, refurbished and extended by David Chipperfield Architects, is now one of Paris' architectural and gastronomic highlights.
by Robert Volhard | 10/4/2022

"Réinventer Paris" was the name of the design competition in which various teams consisting of architects, landscape architects, artists and project developers were asked to propose new concepts for 23 squares and buildings throughout Paris. One of these projects was the so-called Morland Mixité Capitale, located directly on the banks of the Seine between Île Saint-Louis and the Marais district. The former Préfecture de Paris, built between 1957 and 1964 and used for decades by the city's municipal government, has now been renovated, expanded and opened up to the urban area surrounding it by David Chipperfield Architects. To this end, the office designed a kind of campus with spatially multi-layered arcades and a new public path that is to connect the interior of the building complex with the local neighbourhood. There are also green courtyards and a rooftop with vertically arranged crops that can be used for urban gardening.

The ensemble also includes new functions such as office space, 164 flats, a hotel, a youth hostel, a market hall, a kindergarten, various commercial spaces and a swimming pool. A highlight in the truest sense of the word is the panorama restaurant with bar and club, located at the very top of a tower-like structure in the centre of the Morland Mixité Capitale: The so-called Bonnie not only offers impressive views of the Seine and the cityscape of Paris, but also boasts an artistic installation created by Studio Other Spaces entitled "The Seeing City". In keeping with the lofty heights, guests are now greeted by a mirrored ceiling on the 15th floor and a ceiling designed as a kaleidoscope on the 16th floor. Both ceilings interact with the city and the Parisian sky in many ways by following the concept of linking architectural and urban space: The mirrored ceiling reflects the street life and the passing Seine up to the roof terrace and into the Bonnie, while the kaleidoscope boxes interact with the generous glass facades. The effect of this blending merges the panoramic view with a kaleidoscopic extension of the sky, blurring the boundaries between inside and outside.

Inside, designer Jordane Arrivetz of the Paris-based interior design firm Notoire was inspired by the 1960s – including carpeting with psychedelic patterns that, along with the rest of the interior, are also reflected in Bonnie's ceiling. Materials with different haptics and textures have been used, such as custom-made sofa tables and lights made of stainless steel, which contrast with the plush-looking benches, armchairs and sofas. Luminaires by Garnier & Linker and vintage wall lights by Maison Charles have been used to complete the picture. And the food on offer is in no way inferior to the successful design – and thus it's not only possible to experience the French metropolis in an impressive new way while spending time at Bonnie, it's also possible to enjoy the country's famous and excellent cuisine while doing so.

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