"Easy Pieces Forever" by Brühl focuses on contrast: a filigree metal frame and opulent cushions on top.

In her design "Easy Pieces Forever", Kati Meyer-Brühl combines clear lines with soft shapes - the upholstery for the seat and backrests are placed on a minimalist frame made of metal. The voluminous upholstery elements are thus given a clear, airy frame. With "Easy Pieces Forever", however, clear structures do not mean formal restrictions down to the details: thanks to the modular construction and the option of an open footwell to the side, the two-seater quickly becomes a four-seater, the sofa a bed, a maxi armchair or a recamiere. All the covers of the upholstery can be removed and changed, which further extends the individual design options. In addition, the finish of the frame can be chosen between chrome and black powder-coated versions. (am)