Stylepark Burgbad
Wood and Wellness

With solid wood consoles made of certified oak wood, burgbad offers a functional as well as sustainable bathroom design that can be perfectly displayed.

When it comes to bathroom design the details – such as the console top – are all important. On the one hand, it serves as a base for the washstand, and, on the other, provides storage and a presentation surface; moreover, it is here that the entire family congregates. The material and shape of the supporting element have a decisive influence on whether users find the washstand pleasant and practical to use, in short: whether or not we feel comfortable in the bathroom. burgbad has always offered a wide variety of console panels, including custom-made variants. The extensive options for the fittings range from glass via melamine through to a water-repellant nano-coating. A recent addition to the portfolio of this leading manufacturer of high-quality bathroom furniture is a solid wood console panel: 40 millimeters thick and made from knotty oak. Part of burgbad’s “sys30” program, the panel can be flexibly supplemented and combined with other elements such as the base cabinets. The shape of the run of the cut edge is particularly striking: Slightly undulating, it resembles a wooden beam making it especially pleasant to the touch. In terms of color there is a choice between “solid oak honey” and the somewhat lighter version “solid oak almond”. As it’s a natural product every panel is different and has a unique grain pattern. To preserve the typical character of the oak and protect against moisture the panels are treated with a clear varnish only.

Sustainable in Every Regard

Not only do burgbad’s solid-wood consoles make a good first impression, they also stand up to a more critical examination: They are made from PEFC-certified timber that comes from sustainable forestry. Thanks to its transparent, environmentally-conscious production burgbad has already received numerous awards such as the certificate of origin “Furniture Made in Germany” or the “Golden M” of the German furniture industry. Since 2016, the long-standing company from the Sauerland in Central Germany has been rated as climate-neutral according to the criteria of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. (German Furniture Quality Association, DGM) making it a true pioneer in reliable sustainability management. “Sustainability and the circular economy are issues that we have to address both as a company but also as an industry,” comments Stefan Sallandt, CEO of burgbad AG. And he adds: “If we want to make an effective contribution to climate protection and the species diversity then credibility and traceability through international standards are of central importance.” (am)