A feeling for harmony

For its “Max” collection, burgbad combines traditional craftsmanship with modern expectations to create a grounded cozy feeling in the bathroom.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 3/10/2021

“With the ‘Max’ collection we wanted to bring groundedness and the natural into people’s living space,” says Teresa Meister. For burgbad, the designer has created a set of sustainable bathroom furniture that exploits the benefits of solid wood. Similarly, for the decorative elements she uses materials that are warm to the touch and harmonize well with one another, such as the Viennese cane in the framed fronts of the furniture. “Not only the connection between people and product is important to me but also the relation between product and space, how the atmosphere and flow of movement above the product alter,” explains Meister. In addition to having a pleasant impact on the room, “Max” also meets current-day requirements in being multifunctional and adapting flexibly as needed. Vanity, tall cabinet, LED-illuminated mirror and wall cabinet not to mention matching accessories such as the stool, seat chest and cabinet are all not only attractive but also practical – making them ideal for a cozy, high-end bathroom.

And as the dimensions of the elements of “Max” are based on a sustainable grid system the same components and fronts can be used for all the cabinets in the collection. Reducing the number of parts also cuts down on the production and logistic work involved. One of Teresa Meister’s aims is to “abandon accustomed structures in design so as to create something new” and this idea extends right down to the details – when combined with the surfaces in Natural Wild Oak or Oak Dark Chocolate the elegant Viennese cane can either produce subtle contrasts or harmonious transitions. The transparent quality of Viennese cane and the reduction of visual interruptions in the design of the fronts that are opened without handles introduce a fresh, airy aspect to the bathroom. Equally, the combination of modern elements, traditional craftsmanship and natural material produces a thoroughly feel-good atmosphere that resonates with the bathroom’s function as a place for relaxation and retreat.