Featured Project
No holes in the shade

C4sun has outfitted the roof terrace of the “Cologne Golf Club” with an intelligent sun-sail system.
Set sail: The members of the golf club can spend the breaks relaxed in the shade.

Play golf in the sunshine is enjoyable, but at times tough going, making a shady place to relax and recover is more than welcome. In the “Cologne Golf Club”, the largest golf course in North Rhine Westphalia, the spacious roof terrace on the club house is the perfect spot for a prolonged break, as with its 300 square meters it offers a fantastic view out over the entire grounds. And guests are protected from the sun and showers by an airy sun-sail system courtesy of C4sun.
Six beige-colored sails from the “Square4sun” series span the restaurant and lounge area. Each is 4.60 meters wide and 6.35 meters long. The sun-sail system is exceptionally robust – it is impervious to gusts of wind and its curves mean the rain runs off at the sides. The system’s electric controls make it easy to use and is inbuilt into a bus control system: If the weather deteriorates, the sail automatically furls, only to unfurl the moment the sun shines. To keep the path into the restaurant uncluttered, C4sun developed a solution whereby the tensioning cord is redirected into the weight-controlled masts that double up as standalone shaft holder.

At ground level, each mast is screwed into an anchoring to provide the necessary sturdiness. To prevent moisture penetrating the building, the anchor screw has a seal at the top. Moreover, it is not just the clever structural solution that makes the C4sun masts and “Mini-Cubes” such a highlight, but their multi-functionality, too. As the masts boast integrated loudspeakers, lighting technology and power sockets, so there is nothing that people might stumble over. After a tea-break under such an ingenious sun-sail system you can simply get back to the tee to lowering your handicap. (am)

The diversion of the ropes into the weighting masts leaves the paths for the guests of the restaurant free.
Strong hold: On the ground the masts are each bolted on an anchor, which offers the necessary support.
Multifunctional: With the "Mini-Cubes" from C4sun the masts offer an integrated loudspeaker system, lighting technology and sockets.
Weather sensors lower the sails if the sun comes out and retract it in the event of wind.