Camira 2021: YOREDALE

"Yoredale" by Camira is a voluminous, slightly crinkled and robust fabric that is ideal for covering upholstered furniture.

The new "Yoredale" fabric by Camira is made of 95 per cent pure wool and features a special structure: lightly crimped, entwined with a contrasting black thread, its design is inspired by the hilly landscape of the Yorkshire Dales, the valleys of northern England that offer wide, green sceneries and the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The natural inspiration is also reflected in the 25 colours in which the fabric is available, from rich green to warm yellow and deep red. "Yoredale" by Camira is also SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold certified and therefore free of hazardous emissions. (am)

Yoredale – a love song to our home county