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The Berlin restaurant To the Bone celebrates meat culture in the Italian tradition. In the redesign by Yasmine Aimée Bergens, the soul of the dining location was preserved and yet great, new things were created. Camira's "Regent" matt velvet fabric is part of the concept, offering strong colour accents as well as cosy comfort.
by Anika Paulus | 12/5/2022

Giacomo Mannucci commissioned furniture and interior design studio Anew to redesign his restaurant – interior designer Yasmine Aimée Bergens was keen to preserve To the Bone's distinctive nightclub vibe. Materials and colours from the previous design served as inspiration and both the popular bar counter made of travertine stone, glass and light elements as well as the strong black elements can be found in the new concept. The travertine stone is also used in the shelves and seating areas, and metal elements made of brass round off the elegant interior.

The restaurant's premises are now more spacious and inviting. Walls were moved, new floors were designed, the entrance area was changed and thus significantly more seating was created – one of the core requirements for the conversion. Nevertheless, the atmosphere is pleasant and cozy thanks to a sophisticated acoustic concept. The hard, smooth surfaces of glass and metal were combined with soft, absorbent materials. Especially the velvet fabric "Regent" by Camira, which is used on seat cushions and curtain trays, brings a new softness and feel-good atmosphere to the room. The previously draughty, gloomy passageway area is hardly recognizable after the conversion. With its opulent pink and yellow corner seating flanked by austere light columns, butter yellow travertine and dramatic red curtains of "Regent" in the Drury Lane finish, the area has become cosy. "'Regent' immediately gives a feeling of home. You can drop into the velvet-covered cushions and let the fabric caress your skin," says the interior designer.

The soft surfaces of the seating furniture have an inviting effect, the aesthetics are opulent, the colours strong. "Regent" is a matt velvet fabric that effortlessly combines glamour and practicality. Its high level of resistance is barely noticeable. "Restaurants are about more than look and feel. The durability, quality and usability of materials are also crucial," Yasmine explains of her fabric choice. "'Regent' totally convinces there. It can be cleaned with bleach, is flame retardant according to fire protection class B1, and even a deep red Barolo stain can be easily removed."

Anew sets colourful accents in the room with "Regent" by Camira. The strong colours are used in a well-considered way and result in a harmonious overall picture despite strong contrasts. "Greens from the sea and the forest complement each other amazingly well, and the dark pink in the Winter Gardens shade chosen for the seating creates a perfect interplay with the aromatic meat on the plates." A shade of yellow that makes everyone feel comfortable and warm complements the green, yellow and red-based colour scheme. A bold, unusual concept for all those Berliners and guests who are looking for the unusual, not only on the plate.

As part of the redesign, To the Bone was also to be open during the day. The challenge of designing the place to function as a breakfast and lunch restaurant and still as a restaurant with bar in the evening was met by Yasmine and her team with a sophisticated design of colour and lighting. By controlling the temperature and tone of the LED lighting system, different moods can be created, "from sunrise to a warm, evening cocktail ambience." Particularly colours change their effect depending on the lighting mood, and here, too, the matt, velvety “Regent” lends the restaurant a special character in each case. Despite the massive reconstruction, the soul and heart of To the Bone have been preserved and complemented by something new. Contemporary artworks by Gerhard Richter, Daido Moriyama, Alexander James, Frank Thiel and Roman Lipsky beautifully complete the interior design. "The feeling in the space has remained the same, we have created new worlds in familiar spaces." Yasmine Aimée Bergens and her team, together with Camira, have turned the restaurant into a place of well-being that stylishly resolves apparent contradictions. A place that offers its guests pleasure for all the senses, from early in the morning until late at night.

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