Durable all round

The fabric "Hemp" by Camira has been convincing architects and designers for ten years and was already ahead of its time with regard to sustainable production methods when it was launched.

A product is called a "classic" when it is considered to be completely perfect and has proven itself against all temporary trends. In the portfolio of the British textile manufacturer Camira, the fabric "Hemp" deserves this designation: Specialised in the design, production and distribution of upholstery fabrics for the interior decoration of commercially used buildings and means of transport, Camira developed "Hemp" ten years ago in the course of a material research with plant stem fibres. The stalks of "Cannabis sativa", a hemp plant variety used in industry, were chosen because they are fast-growing and can reach up to three metres in length. With the help of the natural decomposition of the material after harvesting and mechanical peeling, the fine textile fibres are separated from the woody parts of the stalks, which can serve as building material, among other things. The leaves of the plants remain on the fields as fertiliser. From six tonnes of hemp straw, one tonne of textile fibres can be obtained, which is then woven into 5,400 metres of fabric. The process from the outward appearance to harvesting and compostability is sustainable. It is thus in line with the company's philosophy of producing substances that do not harm the environment, as according to the Centre for Natural Material Innovation in Cambridge, industrial hemp absorbs between eight and 15 tonnes of Co2 per hectare of cultivated land. "Hemp" has been awarded both the EU Ecolabel certificate and the Indoor Advantage "Gold" certificate.

The hemp fibres are woven with wool fibres in a ratio of 40 percent to 60 percent for the production of the fabric. The result is an exciting and robust structure of coloured wool fibres and light hemp fibres, which gives the fabric its typical dynamism. There are 21 natural colours to choose from, all of which are metal-free. "With sustainable design more important now than ever before, we are delighted that Hemp has stood the test of time and remains a beloved fabric in our portfolio. One of our proudest achievements, it is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics on the market, providing incredible environmental benefits, and is also beautiful in its aesthetics. With its natural composition visible in its appealingly weathered finish and multi-tonal colouration, we look forward to Hemp continuing to play a valuable role as a sustainable textile staple in commercial interiors," says Jodie Padgett, Senior Innovator at Camira. (am)

Hemp - an eco-friendly, sustainable textile.