Getting Ready for Summer

“Cedral Outdoor Flooring” is not only robust and low maintenance – it also boasts a wide range of designs to lend your own outdoor space that vacation feel.
by Alexander Russ | 5/24/2021

Longer days, warmer temperatures – it is not only true that summer is drawing ever closer, bringing with it a craving to spend as much time as possible out of doors. Moreover, anybody with their own backyard now has the opportunity to design their own personal outdoor oasis for the warmer seasons. It goes without saying that this includes the patio, where we can relax those tense muscles. However, you need the right flooring in order to enjoy that space. With this in mind, “Cedral Outdoor Flooring” not only boasts attractive designs, it is also comfortable, anti-slip and dimensionally stable.

The “Cedral Outdoor Flooring” boards are suitable for patios and balconies, loggias and public spaces. They are part of a wide range of products for ceilings, façades and patios available under the “Cedral” brand name from Etex Germany Exteriors GmbH. They are made of fiber cement, which consists of Portland cement, water and organic fibers. In the case of “Cedral Outdoor Flooring” this makes for a robust flooring that is rot-proof, frost-proof, incombustible and weatherproof. Furthermore, the material’s properties result in an anti-slip surface which is pleasant to walk on, does not splitter or crack and, thanks to a special coating, does not need to be varnished or oiled.

However, it is not only the functional properties that make “Cedral Outdoor Flooring” so impressive. The boards come in a great range of colors, namely sand, red and two different shades of gray, developed with an international team of landscape designers, and therefore offer a great deal of creative scope, allowing people to realize their own ideas and designs just the way they want them. There are, moreover, two different board formats, a width of 84 mm and one of 175 mm, meaning that they can be laid in a multitude of different ways. Fiber cement also ages naturally, with the result that the individual boards each develop their own patina, allowing them to blend in well with the greenery that surrounds them.

Last but not least, “Cedral Outdoor Flooring” are also such a good choice because the boards are so easy to lay. They come in a length of 3,150 mm and a thickness of 20 mm and are easy to cut into the desired size as required. On a practical note, many of the standard systems can be used as underlays. The individual boards can subsequently be joined together using a fastening technique and entirely without gluing, sanding or wet cutting. There are rounded boards available for the edges; these not only make for tidy ends but also ensure that there is nothing more standing in the way of a successful summer.