Politics: softly, softly

Lower Saxony’s parliament building in Hanover now boasts a plenary chamber with outstanding acoustics thanks to Colt.
Colt's sound reflective slats provide perfect acoustics in the state parliament of Lower Saxony.

Behind the facades of the former palace known as Leineschloss, converted into a parliament building after the war by architect Dieter Oesterlen, the architect’s office blocher partners has provided interior fittings that chime with the current requirements of the building’s present use as state parliament. When remodeling the chamber, the architect opted for a special noise reducing system by Colt. The glass louver blades normally used for shading interiors have been given a new function inside the building: they help reduce noise by reflecting it back into the room and towards the acoustic ceiling. The louver blades can be angled using locking bolts either at the basic position of 65° or one of two additional settings. Made of laminated safety glass, white glass and PVB film, the blades are extremely robust and long lived. They are held firmly in place by two point fixtures on each side that are attached to a stainless steel rod.
This greater transparency in the chamber not only affords a luminous environment, but is also intended to serve as a symbol for transparent politics. The plenary chamber provides seating for 160 MPs, who benefit from the ideal acoustics during regular parliamentary sessions, as do visitors for whom a total of 260 seats were created in the circle. The outstanding acoustics and bright light situation reflect one of the architects’ key concepts, namely that the building should place the focus squarely on people. The sound reflecting louver system by Colt essentially underscores this approach to the interior fittings both in practical and aesthetic terms. (am)

The glass slats are usually used for shading objects and have a new function inside the building: they serve to reduce noise.
Made of laminated safety glass, white glass and PVB film, the blades are extremely robust and long lived.
The new transparency in the hall not only provides a light-flooded atmosphere, but is also a symbol of transparent politics.