Come in – it’s almost Showtime!
von Thomas Wagner | Jul 2, 2008

There it is, finally hanging up there as though on a mountain face, this small labyrinth-like, bewitchingly colorful, madly flashing, tenderly romantic and miracle-working mountain village of the imagination, in which Tobias Rehberger and Claus Richter are staging an encounter between art and design, an interface between show and reality. It will trigger a wave of childlike joy and amazement which will hopefully spread and infuse our everyday lives.

The saws are still sawing and the brushes still whisking across the surfaces, the paint is still dripping and the sweat still trickling, some attractions are still waiting in the foyer before they can finally move in, but it will soon be finished! On Friday, all the curiosity and waiting will come to an end. For that is the day we have all been waiting for, when “The Design Annual – inside: showtime” will open in the Frankfurt Festhalle.

See also Blinking, glittering, crunching.

The Design Annual - inside: showtime
July 4-7, 2008
12 - 21 h
Festhalle, Messe Frankfurt

© Felix Bernoully
All other photos © Dimitrios Tsatsas, Stylepark
© Felix Bernoully
© Felix Bernoully