Come together!
Aug 4, 2015

“One thing I can tell you is, you got to be free, come together, right now, over me.” When the Beatles first sang “Come together” back in 1969 the lines were soon on everyone’s lips and the song hit no. 1 in the German charts. At the end of last year, Swiss telecoms and media provider UPC Cablecom took the enthusiastic call in the refrain literally and together with manufacturers Lista Office LO developed a clever workstation concept with the eponymous title of “Come together”.

In order at long last to bring all staff members together under a single roof, UPC Cablecom relocated to a new head office in Wallisellen outside Zurich – previously the staff had been spread across three different sites. With this centralization management wants not only to save costs but to foster direct interaction between colleagues. Across a total of 16,500 sq. m of floor space, no less than 1,100 workstations were installed, whereby they had to meet different criteria. Entirely in keeping with the Beatles’ motto that “You got to be free” the company seeks not only to offer staff as much freedom as possible despite the limited overall footprint, but to ensure that flexible work standards are met. To this end, it opted for zones for creative team work and others for concentrated work alone, zones offering privacy, relaxation areas, and furniture that supported a healthy posture at the desk.

The open-plan offices were accordingly subdivided into individual zones and equipped with furniture from Lista Office LO: With the modular “LO Extend” workstation system, thanks to height-adjustable tops staff members can decide for themselves whether they wish to work sitting down or standing up. For people wishing to concentrate hard on their own, the vanity screen made of woolen felt can be mounted on the desk, which also lowers noise levels in the office. And should a staff member need absolute peace and quiet, then he or she can withdraw into one of the “LO Mindport Room Modules”. The makers can supply these white-and-blue cubes in various versions that go by the name of “Touch Down”, “Document Center” or “Think Tank”. The latter are closed “thinking cells” with a transparent front and house four workstations, meaning small teams can also use them for closed meetings. And if this gives way to greater things, then there are conference rooms at hand with “Plug and Work” functions. Brought together like this, staff efforts can be that bit better.

Charlie Chaplin greets Marilyn Monroe: Management opted for a colorful and playful look to the room for presentations. Photo © Lista Office LO

The “LO Locker” provide safety and plenty of storage space…
Photo © Lista Office LO

…while also doubling up as highly practical room dividers. Photo © Lista Office LO

Please come to table: Staff can use the meeting room with its “Plug and Work” functions for conferences and workshops. Photo © Lista Office LO

Sit relaxed or prefer to stand? UPC Cablecom staff members can decide completely for themselves thanks to the “Lo Extend” desks provided by Lista Office LO. Photo © Lista Office LO

Zoning helps keep the office jungle well-structured. And the limited space can be optimally used as a result of the modular workstation systems.
Photo © Lista Office LO

Video © Eric Tveter, Managing Director, upc cablecom
Video © Marc Andri Schwerzmann, Strategic Facility Manager, upc cablecom

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