Concrete cube with remote control
An open staircase provides access to the house in Stuttgart designed by the architects Blocher Blocher Partners, photo © Blocher Blocher Partners

In a prime Stuttgart location on a slope, the architecture and design agency Blocher Blocher Partners built a house made of exposed concrete. From all the floors, its residents enjoy an unrestricted view of the downtown area with the old and new castles.

The Stuttgart architects offset the cool appearance of the concrete and succeeded in creating a cozy atmosphere by using anodized bronze-colored aluminum for window sections, sun protection, garage door and outside doors.

The single-family house has three storeys and can be reached from street level, at which the garage is located, via a set of open stairs. Alternatively, there is an elevator that provides barrier-free access to all rooms. Kitchen, dining and living room are located on the ground floor, with bathroom, dressing and bedrooms and an open study on the upper floor. Floor-to-ceiling windows facing south and west make for excellent lighting.

Similarly, for the interior design Blocher Blocher employed warm accents to counteract the coolness of the concrete: polished oak furniture, and shell limestone and smoked oak flooring. Ceiling mounted downlights, indirect lighting and several special luminaires show the materials to their best advantage.

Anyone who designs such an exclusive house in an exposed position relies on a specialist when it comes to controlling domestic installations. With regard to networking heating, air conditioning, light and multi-media functions, Blocher and Blocher put their trust in the expertise of Jung, a specialist in manufacturing electrical installations and building services engineering. All the technical components can be selected via the facility colour touch panel. This is complemented by an application for mobile control, the FP 701 Client App, which can be used with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to alter settings easily and conveniently when the residents are out and about. And returning after a long working day or a trip, they come home to pre-selected temperature, mood lighting, and music.

This year Jung, a company based in Schalksmühle in the Sauerland region, can look back on a successful 100-year history. Its motto, “Progress as tradition” repeatedly motivates employees to develop new technical solutions that also meet exacting design standards.

An open staircase provides access to the house in Stuttgart designed by the architects Blocher Blocher Partners, photo © Blocher Blocher Partners
The domestic installations are controlled by the facility colour touch panel made by Jung, an expert in electrical installations and automated building services engineering, photo © Jung
The Jung LS 990 combined switch and socket in black and white, photo © Jung
Proving their worth for over 40 years: the Jung LS 990 switches by Jung, photo © Jung
The warm accents created by materials such as oak and shell limestone flooring offset the cool appearance of exposed concrete, photo © Blocher Blocher Partners
View of the living area of the house: the perforated sheet metal blinds produce dappled light patterns in the rooms, photo © Blocher Blocher Partners
The bathroom with freestanding bath tub and floor-level shower, photo © Blocher Blocher Partners
From the location on a slope the occupants have a view of Stuttgart’s downtown area, photo © Blocher Blocher Partners


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