Aesthetics and acoustics: The high-tech fabric "Sinfoniacoustic" combines the long experience of Création Baumann with innovative technology.

Functional decoration

In celebration of 40 years of “Sinfonia,” textile pioneer Création Baumann is extending its exceptional expertise in sound-absorbing fabrics by three further solutions.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 3/18/2019

1978: The TV series “Dallas” premieres in the US. East German cosmonaut Sigmund Jähn becomes the first German to fly to space. And in Langenthal in Switzerland, the family company Création Baumann, known for its approach steeped in tradition, surprises the design world with an elegant fabric that looks like pure cotton but is actually made of polyester. Easy to clean, with a natural look and a soft fall, “Sinfonia” created quite a stir in the textile industry at the time. Jörg Baumann, the father of Philippe Baumann, the current CEO and owner of Création Baumann AG, was the mastermind behind the development of the yarn, which featured the irregularity of cotton, and thus led the successful company into the future. “Sinfonia” has remained a bestseller to this day and is being permanently refined and augmented: Just a short while later, the flame-retardant fabric “Sinfonia CS,” made using “Trevira CS” polyester fiber, came onto the market. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary, the color palette of the groundbreaking collection is being extended to include altogether 64 hues. “Color is a central element for us in terms of design,” relates Eliane Ernst, Product Manager at Création Baumann. What is now the sixth edition is based on a sophisticated system that uses white in all nuances, to which hues from the entire spectrum of color can be added in order to achieve the desired look.

To mark the 40th anniversary of the "Sinfonia CS", the colour palette of the groundbreaking collection will be expanded to a total of 64 tones.

Smart solutions

Premium fabrics that satisfy not only by dint of their superb aesthetic qualities but also with intelligent functions characterize the extensive product line of the family enterprise, now in the fourth generation and ensuring a greater sense of well-being in interiors for 132 years running. The positive dynamism and passion for the creation of game-changing textiles can also be found in the acoustic fabrics by Création Baumann: Even before the Modern world of work became a present-day reality and products such as the iPhone had reached market maturity, the Swiss company was already carrying out research in the area of sound-absorbing solutions. “The world of work is increasingly moving towards flexibility,” resumes Philippe Baumann. This far-sightedness is also reflected in the current evolution of “Sinfonia”: The high-tech fabric “Sinfoniacoustic” combines Création Baumann’s long years of experience with innovative technology. Alongside a transparent look and a pleasantly cozy feel, “Sinfoniacoustic” brings balanced acoustics to interiors. The core of the fabric is an integrated band of foil, which adds the innovative acoustic function to the classic product. The different designs of the front and back of the textile and the choice of 12 hues provide an exquisite twist.

"Silent Light" is also fascinating in terms of function and appearance: despite maximum fabric density, Création Baumann has managed to maintain light transmission.
The three-dimensional ribbed structure of the fabric not only creates a harmonious background noise with "Megacoustic", but also offers an optical effect.

With over 90 acoustics solutions in over 2,000 different colors, the long-established company Création Baumann currently offers the greatest variety of sound-absorbing fabrics world-wide – with all of these tested according to ISO/EN standards and dependable across the entire spectrum of sound. “Textiles allow individual sections of large rooms to be partitioned off quickly and effectively, all you really need are a rail and the fabric,” Eliane Ernst tells us. A blessing in today’s open-plan offices, in which keyboard clatter, ringing phones and animated conversations too often make for constant high noise levels that render focused work a challenge. Yet instead of disappearing into chunky cubicles for better acoustics, the micro-architecture solution offered by Création Baumann just requires office workers to close a curtain: Meeting areas are instantly partitioned off and the atmosphere is much improved thanks to the multi-functional surfaces. Another great thing about using the fabrics is that their translucent elegance lends the rooms a subtle coziness. You still see your colleagues, but the sound is greatly muted. “Textiles assume an important function in interiors, especially when it comes to open-plan offices with sound-reflecting surfaces such as concrete or glass, says Eliane Ernst.

In addition to "Sinfoniacoustic" (bottom), "Megacoustic" (right) and "Silent Light" (top left) are some of Création Baumann's new acoustic products.

Alongside “Sinfoniacoustic,” the current advances in the company’s continually growing product range in the area of acoustics also include “Megacoustic” and “Silent Light”. The three-dimensional rib-structure of the textile “Megacoustic” thus not only ensures a harmonious soundscape, but also makes for an interesting visual effect. This is further heightened by the combination of matt and shiny sections. “Silent Light” is also fascinating, both in terms of its functionality and look: Despite a maximum fabric density Création Baumann has managed to preserve the textile’s translucence. Customers can give “Silent Light” an individual design with a choice of colors, which may even differ on both sides of the fabric.

"If you invest a little more, in return you get a product that proves to be cheaper in the long term and more resource-efficient," says Philippe Baumann.

With heart and mind

Even though Switzerland as an industrial location is one of the most expensive world-wide: The makers of Création Baumann have long since been of the firm opinion that concentrating on manufacturing and developing their products in one and the same place is the golden key to the company’s long-term success. And so the in-house design studio is separated from production by only a few steps, and the paths of communication are correspondingly short. Over the generations this has proven a big advantage. The fact that future-oriented solutions are woven into the company’s DNA can also be seen with a glance at the thoroughly sustainably production methods. Treating the planet’s resources with care and responsibility was a core topic for Création Baumann as early as the 1970s, when coal was still the fuel of choice, refrigerators containing CFC a matter of fact and catalysts an alien concept. The Swiss company new better even then: As early as 1973 it added a neutralization plant to its dye works that cleaned the waste water without chemical processes and which not only complied with the required waste-water parameters but significantly undercut them.

At Création Baumann, this holistic approach to an ecological production starts with the selection of raw materials. PVC yarns have for example been entirely eschewed since 1995, while special attention is paid to the responsible handling of dyestuffs and chemicals from the idea to the finished product. This company philosophy not only protects the environment, but also the consumer, who can always rely on Création Baumann textiles providing an ecologically sound contribution to the home or living environment. This carefully considered approach pays off: The premium Création Baumann fabrics have been awarded numerous awards, such as the ISO 9001 / 14001 certificate, the attestation of the Öko-Tex Standard 100 and the certificate if the German Energy Agency (commitment to sustainable climate protection). Philippe Baumann and his team are already working on the next big step forward: The professional recycling of the textiles. This is because Philippe Baumann has long known: “If you invest a bit more, you get a product in return that in the long term will prove both more cost-effective and resource-efficient.”