With the colourful grates of the "ColourCollection", designers can give free rein to their creativity in bathroom planning.

The square stainless steel grates of the new "ColourCollection" by Dallmer bring colour into the bathroom and give designers the opportunity to play with contrasts and colour accents. This makes them suitable for hotels, companies or public facilities, among others, in order to precisely reflect the corporate identity of the respective building owner. The matt lacquered grates of the "ColourCollection" have a striking perforated pattern and are available in the colours black and white as well as the 14 RAL colours beige, green-brown, bronze-green, umbra-grey, grey-blue, ocean-blue, ultramarine-blue, sky-blue, mint-green, zinc-yellow, blood-orange, light-pink, telemagenta and ruby-red. In addition, they can be individually painted in the desired colour and are available in the sizes 100 x 100 millimetres and 120 x 120 millimetres. The "ColourCollection" is compatible with Dallmer's "DallDrain" floor drains. They expand the "DallDrain" system family, which offers a flexible and easy-to-install floor drain that can be used in flush-to-floor showers and other surfaces that require drainage.