The highlight and final point of the special show "DeLightFul" is a film by the Italian filmmaker Matteo Garrone.

The wondrous world of design

At this year’s Salone del Mobile Milan studio Ciarmoli Queda is curating the special show “DeLightFul.” We were able to take an exclusive look at the promising project in advance.
by Daniel von Bernstorff | 3/28/2017

An unobtrusive nameplate on a typical Milanese palazzo near Piazza della Repubblica. CQS – the acronym refers to Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda are the designers who have masterminded the special show “DeLightFul” which, we can say this much, could easily become one of the highlights of this year’s Salone del Mobile.

Anyone wanting to understand how Ciarmoli and Queda work (they design products and interiors as well as exhibitions) should definitely visit their studio. For there you can swiftly immerse yourself in a wondrous world of all kinds of materials, fabrics, prototypes, drawings and found pieces from all over the world, where the pair develop their visions.

Ciarmoli Queda’s show at the 2015 Salone, “Before Design: Classic,” was itself a real sensation, doing away with common clichés of “classic design,” with all its negative connotations, and focusing instead on the historical context and quality craftsmanship. One of the consequences of the show was that this year Ciarmoli Queda are curating the “Classic” halls at the Salone del Mobile.

The Milan-based creative duo Ciarmoli Queda, in collaboration with the filmmaker Matteo Garrone, is rolling out a red carpet for contemporary Italian design.

With DeLightFul – Design, Light, Future, Living – this year the focus is on contemporary design, which Ciarmoli Queda put in a sensual, poetic context. In several rooms, created in cooperation with renowned Italian manufacturers and conceived for the in part products were specially created, the visitor travels to all kinds of different worlds and phases of contemporary design.

The highlight of the show comes at the end: “Cinema” will show a work by the renowned Italian filmmaker Matteo Garrone (he directed Gomorrah). Ciarmoli Queda already worked with him back in 2015. Garrone’s film was shot in a picturesque forest near Rome, where the borders between reality and semblance are illuminated in poetic images. The show promises to be a tribute to the quality and multilayered nature of contemporary Italian design, and no visitor to this year’s Salone should miss it.

DeLightFul – Design Light Future Living
Salone del Mobile
Hall 15
Rho Fiera
April 4 – 9, 2017

The shooting of the poetic pictures for "Cinema" took place in a forest near Rome.
Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda design products and interiors like exhibitions. They offer contemporary design a poetic and sensual setting.
In the work of Matteo Garrone, the boundaries between reality and appearance are blurred.