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Italian office furniture manufacturer DVO is setting a course for the future.
The desk series "Noto" and the storage system "Milo" by DVO are designs by Enzo Berti.

The world of work is changing rapidly. The current requirements of office furniture and fit-out differ in multiple ways to those of ten years ago: from sustainable production or aspects of occupational health to media compatibility. Most importantly, however, it is essential that office spaces can be designed flexibly. Anyone buying office furniture today wants to still be able to use them in a few years’ time regardless of how technologies and workplace organization change.

Flexibility, speed of delivery, and a broad range of offerings have been the trademarks of the Italian manufacturer DVO since the company was founded in 1990. Most recently, its production, design and marketing have been given a new thrust. In terms of production, it is focused on Europe, with a particular eye on the European guidelines in the areas of environmental protection, safety and product reliability.

With the appointment of Enzo Berti as Art Director in 2017, the company has explored new roads in the area of design, too. Berti is responsible, for example, for the “Noto” desk series and the “Milo” storage system. Both designs are modular in structure and are therefore extremely versatile. “Noto” consists of a wooden base frame and desktops made of glass, stoneware and wood, while “Milo” comprises various cupboard elements made of colored melamine. It can be positioned either on a base or hanging from an LED-illuminated bar.

What’s more, DVO is working intensively on future developments. Hence the company has joined forces with the IUAV, the University of Venice’s Dept. of Industrial Design and Multimedia, as well as the SID, the Italian School of Design in Padua, and the Design and Product Communication Dept. there, to organize two workshops on the topic of “The Future Office”.

The visionary office ideas developed by the participating students were presented by the manufacturer at the Salone del Mobile 2018 in the new DVO Learning + Innovation Center in Milan. This new location in the Brera Design District is not merely a showroom, but also a place for courses, workshops and exhibitions.(fap)

At Orgatec in Cologne, DVO will be represented with a new, bigger exhibition stand in hall 7.1 and will present multiple new collections under the claim “Office Has New Horizons. New Visions of Work”.

Orgatec, hall 7.1, stand B 0151

DVO's new Learning + Innovation Center in Milan's Brera district
Elements of the program "Colibri" by DVO
As contemporary as it is elegant: The "Vigo" series