Echojazz 2022: ECHOGRID

"EchoGrid" by Echojazz is a 3D inlay system for existing or new standard grid ceilings that can be used to acoustically optimize and diversify rooms.

With "EchoGrid", Echojazz offers a new 3D inlay system for existing or new standard grid ceilings. This allows rooms not only to be optimized acoustically, but also to be enhanced in terms of design. The system is very easy to use: the individual inlays are delivered compactly packaged, plugged together on site and hooked into the grid ceiling without tools. In addition, they can be easily removed, thus providing problem-free access for maintenance of the building services. The open ceiling structure of "EchoGrid" also helps to improve the indoor climate. In addition to the functional possibilities, the system also offers a variety of approaches to ceiling design, ranging from a rational appearance to a sculptural design language. In addition to the patterns developed by Echojazz designers, individual shapes are also possible on request. Last but not least, "EchoGrid" offers complete reusability after use and thus a sustainable approach to office ceiling design.