Stylepark raffle
Light on a stick

Stylepark is raffling off a “Mooon!” battery-powered floor luminaire for in- and outdoor use developed by outdoor specialist Fermob.

The design of cordless luminaires has to date placed the emphasis on compact measurements that allow for easier transport: From inside to outside, from A to B. Rechargeable lamps are conceived for use on a table or the floor, and create ideal atmospheric lighting for a dinner for two, or allow for better orientation in the dark garden. But what to do if a higher light-source point is required, or a large area is to be lit up? For these tasks Fermob launched its “Mooon!” standing lamp. The spherical lamp is mounted on an aluminum pole measuring 134 centimeters in height. In this way, the new variety of the “Mooon!” collection opens up areas of application for cordless lamps where up to now no fitting product existed. The new “Mooon!” floor lamp is able, for example, to illuminate an entire outdoor seating area or provide reading light for reading both in and outside of the home.

“Mooon!” provides both warm and cold light at 50 or 100 percent intensity. The rechargeable battery allows for 6 to 14 hours of use. The luminaire can also be operated from your cell phone via Bluetooth.

This raffle is unfortunately already finished.