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Since the 1900s, when lemonade sellers served delicious Peppermint cordial on our Bistro tables, there has been a strong link between Fermob and contract. We know that terraces have an immense power to attract, and when you manage your café or restaurant you want them to look like you, reflecting your work, your philosophy and your ability to be always moving forward.

That’s why we have created Fermob Contract : a guide to attractive terraces, specially designed to meet the expectations and needs of professionals! Fermob has been spreading its joie de vivre throughout the world for a hundred years: Paris, New York, Tokyo, Sydney... Its ingenious furniture adapts to every location, bringing to it that touch of pep that is so Fermob, and transforming each terrace into a unique space. Choosing Fermob means choosing a robust, modular terrace that can adapt to all your imperatives, one that is recognized by customers as offering the promise of a good time when you can go and talk, put the tables together, meet and chat. In a friendly, stimulating, atmosphere that’s never stilted and that breathes an air of freedom that is so very French.

So now check out what Fermob provides you with the colours, mobility, design, layout and materials, as well as our customized installation solutions, to design an even more attractive space, and together let’s create the terrace that suits you!

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