Coordinates C

Presented: Salone del Mobile 2019, Milan | Year of design: 2020 | Design: Michael Anastassiades
Coordinates C

Coordinates’ is a lighting system consisting of horizontal and vertical strip lights that form illuminated grid-like structures of various complexities. The system can be easily adapted for different environments of varying scale. In addition to the customized solutions there are a collection of standard chandeliers of pared-down configurations that can be used in any setting.

Coordinates C1 L Cl III id rgbaCoordinates C2 L 175570Coordinates C4 L CL IIICoordinates C4 CL IIICoordinates C1 L 175500Coordinates C4 L175670Coordinates C Module177010
Coordinates C2 175170Coordinates Module C CL IIICoordinates C2 L cl IIICoordinates C4 174710Coordinates C2 Cl IIICoordinates C1 CL IIICoordinates C1 174460
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