Flynn Talbot designs light – and therefore also luminaires. The 34-year-old designer caused a stir with his “Horizon” screen installation at the “Smart Light Sydney Festival” and most recently with “Primary”, a jagged object that revolves around primary colors in their different guises. Following his first, monumental spherical table lamp “X&Y”, whose form toys with the shadow cast over one half of the Moon, it is with luminaires like “Latitude”, “Mesh Space” and “Polair” that the Australian is also active on the commercial market. Whereas “Latitude” (manufactured by Innermost) with its steel-wire encasing is playful and reduced, the aluminum “Mesh Space” for Resident and “Polair” with its glass body boast a considerably more refined design and lighting effect. That is what Talbot is all about: how light impacts on people, and changes space and life.