Found pearls
by Daniel von Bernstorff | Jun 4, 2007

Generally, the most beautiful finds are those we did not actually set out to find. This is why, in their joint project, Stylepark and the magazine Baumeister are presenting surprising and inspiring moments from art, architecture and design whose special qualities deserve personal consideration and a second look.

From June 2007, readers of the magazine and visitors to the internet platform can enjoy these discoveries monthly under the "Fundstücke" section. The entertaining glance at people, objects and places does not focus on objective, informative detail or news of the latest innovations, but on things that are worth thinking about and remembering, anecdotes and everyday considerations.

As one of the leading magazines for architects, Baumeister's aim is to mediate between the public's perception and architects' intentions by way of the informative interaction of architecture, culture and technology.The opinions and criticism of national and international construction projects refer, with journalistic ambition, to the interfaces between architecture and society and seek to offer the architectural debate a forum - and now it has an entertaining addition. The partners' mutual interest lies in looking beyond the borders of the disciplines whose passing linkages, for example, reflect the mutual over-arching context.

These finds tell stories about people and things, about inspiration and creativity and about the places where new things are created most frequently, namely, in everyday happenings.