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On crystals and diamonds

On crystals and diamonds
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Original fizzled out: <br/>Zündholz by Peter Sauerer
Auto-psy. Notes on automotive existence
Perfectly functional: <br/>Vesuvio by Gaetano Pesce

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A bright white wave

A bright white wave
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Vera <br/>& Kyte
Will donate data. Save the city
Frankfurt High-Rises <br/>1990 to 2000
Frankfurt High-Rises <br/>1970 to 1980
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Julian <br/>Kyhl
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Belux U-Turn Clip Michel Charlot
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 Top-drawer time bombs
Milanese High-Forest
The digital sculptor
The Rasch Brother’s universe
Frankfurt High-Rises <br/>2000 to 2010
Frankfurt High-Rises <br/>2010 to 2014

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