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    Johannes Dallmer

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The house of the futurist

The house of the futurist
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Il motore a dodici cilindri
Expert hand, fresh mind

Architecture | Featured Project

Chessboard in the office

Chessboard in the office
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Macchina per il caffè: <br/>La Cornuta“ by Giò Ponti for La Pavoni
Sweating in a tin box
New light on chairs
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Macchina da scrivere: <br/>Ettore Sottsass and Olivetti
Only the watercolors </br>burned to nothing
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Expormim Twins high armchair Mut Design
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Architecture | Office Buildings

Block maneuvers in the office

Block maneuvers in the office
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A footwear store with a twist
Line Depping
Four legs and a seat shell
The machinist’s revenge

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