Comfortable and stylish

"A design is always a cooperation, a synthesis of two attitudes," says Sebastian Herkner. For Freifrau, he opted for that extra touch of sensuality and elegance, when recently adding new items to his "Ona" collection.

The latest addition to the Ona family of chairs designed by Sebastian Herkner for Freifrau is the Ona Lounge Chair, an armchair available in two different heights. This particular model boasts a generous seat and soft cushions into which users can sink comfortably without being suffocated. The designer was inspired by the Ona Curve models that are also his brainchild when defining the new armchair’s elegant lines; it thus boasts rounded seat upholstery, a backrest with a dynamic look, and slender steel legs that come in various powder-coated finishes. This is the basic starting point of all else. The armrests hold the user gently from the sides and combined with the high backrest make you feel that you are sitting snugly. There is a wide range of options for the colors of the covers, from Muscat to Opium.

"Again, one of the things that gives Ona its distinctive look is its continuous piping," comments Herkner. The chosen finish, be it fabric, velour or leather, can also be used to strike a particular note. Thanks to this great flexibility, Lounge Chair is not difficult to integrate into any kind of environment, from a lounge to a hotel lobby. Something that perfectly complements the lounge armchair is Ona Ottoman, on which users can rest their legs while relaxing. "Ona is my reinterpretation of the Freifrau brand or rather, the way I see Freifrau. My approach tends to be rather more elegant than casual. With Freifrau, great priority is attached to comfortable seating, the materials and the colors. I went with that because I consider it very important, as well. Freifrau can, however, also be very spontaneous and playful at times – and I have interpreted that in my own way," notes Herkner.

Alongside the new models Ona Lounge High, Ona Lounge Low and Ona Ottoman, it is worth taking a look at Herkner’s other designs for the collection – such as Ona Cocktail Chair which boasts either a wooden or a steel base, Ona Bar Stool, Ona Curved Bench or Ona Curved Armchair, with its swivel column base. Something that all Freifrau’s products have in common is the fact that they are all individually hand-made in Germany with a clear focus on high-grade, long-lasting materials which, as sustainability demands, allow them to become their owners’ lifelong companions. (am)

Sebastian Herkner