Ona Cocktail Chair

Presented: imm cologne 2019, Cologne | Year of design: 2019 | Design: Sebastian Herkner
Ona Cocktail Chair

Designs by Sebastian Herkner bear his own distinctive signature and clearly demonstrate his attitude to quality, function, material, craftsmanship and longevity. Sebastian Herkner has now designed a chair, especially for Freifrau-Seating-Manufacturers, which presents his interpretation of the Freifrau approach: something a little more elegant and less casual. His design, bearing the name Ona, represents a concept of reduced elegance – which quietly resonates and is not too obvious – a composition of quality, softness and curves. The special structure with its double-shell allows the inclusion of copious leather-piping, which is characteristic for this design, which will, like a range of other models in the Freifrau collection, be expanded into a model family.

Fre Ifrau Neuheitenbroschuere 2019 Detail Sebastian Herkner
Frei Frau Ona Armchair 04
Ona Cocktail Chair
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