From the surface to deep down in the material -Material Vision in Frankfurt
von Claudia Beckmann | Nov 2, 2007

"The basis of the shape memory effect is a thermal-elastic, martensitic transformation in the structure of the alloy." The designer might well think that "shape memory effect" sounds exciting. But what does it actually mean in technical terms? In most cases that is the cue for endless research on the Internet. An architect wanting to know whether there is actually a material that becomes thicker instead of thinner when it is stretched, must also first of all do his homework. Far more effective is Material Vision, the trade fair and conference devoted to materials for product development and architecture, which is being held from November 22-23, 2007 in Frankfurt/Main. The fair, which promises intensive specialist discussions and exciting experiences, puts designers and architects in contact with manufacturers and developers of innovative materials.Whereas designers and architects cite the requirements they have of a specific material, manufacturers are interested in novel applications and areas of use. For this reason material data bases not only refer to the properties, technical features, tactile and visual impression of individual products, they also provide information about possible finishing and uses. To this end at the fair Materialworks, a subsidiary of Stylepark and the material specialist modulor, will be making available their user-oriented know-how and presenting Material Editions. Because at some stage everyone likes to have a feel of their favorite material.