Lightweight and mobile: The office furniture by Daniel Lorch and Aidin Zimmermann from L&Z convince with an original design and is almost flexible.

Fun at work

Anyone wanting to win out in the sector today needs not only a high-end design but also a precise business model, like the young L&Z company which has specialized in intelligent and well-designed office furniture.
by Jasmin Jouhar | 9/22/2017

Office furniture? Not exactly the coolest design theme. Daniel Lorch and Aidin Zimmermann at L&Z beg to differ: “We believe the opportunities in the ‘Office’ segment for thinking and designing things anew not just formally but conceptually are unlike those in other sectors,” says Lorch, Design Director at L&Z. “Unlike in the ‘Living’ segment, for example, which often plays on people’s sentimentality and looks backwards.” Moreover, or so he suggests, many people spend more time in the office than at home. 

The Berlin-based company sells products with a playful touch, such as the “Sinus” table trestle or the “Ed” castor-based container, both Lorch’s brainchildren. “We have a preference for systems and for light, mobile products open to various applications,” he continues, “as little product as possible, basically.” The duo found the idea of setting up their own company and thus shouldering entrepreneurial risk exciting from the word Go. Berlin as the location was more a matter of chance, but has worked out well: “We enjoy the city, the vibrant exchange of opinions, and we benefit from the relatively low costs and communicate smoothly with the rest of the world,” comments Managing Director Aidin Zimmermann.

Daniel Lorch (le.) und Aidin Zimmermann
The roll container "Ed" is folded from a piece of steel sheet and also serves as a seat.

The L&Z target group: the digital generation, which views the conventional, often expensive and staid office furniture designs with disdain. But appreciates original, well devised designs especially if it is actually made in Germany for once and does not leave them out of pocket. L&Z gave their first comprehensive collection the name “Workspace Fundamentals” and it’s destined to grow. At the moment it includes, for example, a Pop-like desk organization system called “Unit” by Mark Braun and the “Help” luminaire courtesy of Rupert Kopp. The body of the luminaire is shaped like a C meaning it can simply be hung or left somewhere. A typical L&Z design, simple and not pretentious, and above all, fun.

With modern office furniture and accessories L & Z wants to reinvent the workplace.
Help Universallamp
Unit Organisationssystem
Unit One pen holder and paper tray
Sinus Trestle
Ed Roll Container