Here, the interior is not left to chance: The "New Work Project" in Brooklyn offers the advantages of a corporate office in a co-working space.

When the coworking space grows up

With their "New Work Project," the interior design studio The New Design Object has created an elegant co-working space in New York City.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 9/20/2017

Thus far, open-plan shared office spaces are often not exactly what you would call homely: When furnishing temporary open-plan offices, function tends to trump aesthetics. But design duo James Davison and Fanny Abbes of Interior Design Studio, who have dreamed up The New Design Project, want to free this form of working from its stop-gap image. With the “New Work Project” in New York’s Williamsburg they have created a place bound to make hipster hearts beat faster: In a former foundry, they have established differently designed zoned that can be rented at a cost of 475 dollars upwards – these range from a lounge area to the gallery with open work spaces and small, glazed phone booths to the private studio offering space for up to nine persons.

A black-and-white color scheme boasting graphic design details has been used for all rooms, with accents provided by marble surfaces and luminaires with metallic surfaces. Objects and furniture by Pierre Jeanneret, Friso Kramer, Jaime Hayon and Resident Studio were used for the classy looking interior alongside creations by local designers such as J.M. Szymanski and Eskayel. Moreover, The New Design Object developed its own designs for the work and conference rooms.