Fundstücke: The Wonderbox
von Daniel von Bernstorff | Nov 1, 2007

Who is not familiar with the tiresome search for the right stereo system? How do I combine speakers, amplifiers and playback devices best? And how do I find a suitable place in my apartment without having to compromise in terms of space and design?The Geneva Sound System offers an exciting answer to these questions. It is a single compact box which combines iPod docking station, CD drive, radio and speakers for high resolution stereo. Available in three sizes and the colors red, black or white, the system is suitable for apartments of every size and style. From one-room apartments to trade-fair lounges (recently seen at Neue Räume in Zurich). The system was developed by Swedish sound designer Jan Erik Lundberg. His so-called "embracing sound process" is based on the conviction that playing music, noises and language has to sound the same way as when they were originally recorded. The use of two speakers placed close together generates a three-dimensional sound, which is equally clear and perfectly balanced everywhere in the room. The author of this report can confirm from personal experience that these are not just the manufacturer's promises. The sound really is phenomenal. The system's appearance is also very convincing. The high-gloss piano finish, applied to the real wood casing by hand, and the minimalist elegance of the shape make the Geneva System a real pleasure for the eyes and the"Fundstücke" is a cooperation of Baumeister and Stylepark