Andreas Houmann, Reinforce / SPOTT for Heimtextil

Sustainability for reference

The Heimtextil 'Future Materials Library' digital material library shows trend-setting materials for interior design.

The "Future Materials Library", which could still be explored in analogue form at Heimtextil 2020, is now also available in digital format: Curated by the London design studio FranklinTill, the materials library shows a selection of both experimental approaches and commercially proven developments. Environmentally conscious producers and designers are thus given a new platform. The materials are divided into four themes: "regenerative crops", "remade fibres", "harvesting waste streams" and "sustainable colour".

The spectrum ranges in detail from "Piñatex" by Ananas Anam, fibres extracted from pineapple leaves that are normally thrown away or burned after the fruit is harvested, to the biosynthetic textile dyes "EarthColors" by Archroma and "Circulose" by Renewcell - a biodegradable fabric made entirely from old, discarded textiles. In view of the scarcity of resources on our planet, the creatives thus present forward-looking ideas that work in tandem with the power of natural cycles. "We are at the crossroads of a material revolution to help rebalance our relationship with the planet. As part of Heimtextil Trends 21/22, we are presenting a new selection of materials for interiors with exciting innovations from around the world," says Carolin Till of Studio FranklinTill. (am)