Galeria Nedbalka
Apr 25, 2014
Preparations for the Asot Hass show in the rooms reserved for changing exhibitions. Photo: © Julo Nagy

In Bratislava’s old town, behind a quite unassuming historical façade lurks a modern exhibition hall. The original building (awarded with the Dušan Jurkovič prize) was designed by the architects Viktória Cvengrošová and Virgil Droppa. At last it was modernized in 2012 by architect Jarmila Kusa – and Unilight took care of the lighting using Reggiani LED lighting fixtures. Galeria Nedbalka presents late 19th-century Slovak art across five levels.

Large circular openings in the ceilings or floors of the annex offer views of the neighboring levels and art of different epochs. The surprising view through the building has been nicknamed “Small Guggenheim”. The architect used the idea to ensure there was daylight in the exhibition halls for a relatively young collection of Slovak art. The ground floor hosts changing exhibitions with contemporary artists, while the four upper levels are used to present the history of Slovak art, from Historicism to Modernism.

Almost 500 Reggiani LED luminaires present the artworks in perfect light. The “Sunluce” spots deliver light with different focal lengths to illuminate sculptures and paintings, an important aspect given the changing exhibitions and thus changing media. The “Bisio” flush-mounted spots can easily be altered from in-spots into down-spots and are therefore ideal for museum use. After all, museums need carefully calibrated lighting concepts. It must be possible to set spots individually given changing exhibits, and the lighting must blend with the setting and not distract from the art. Good color reproduction is also crucial to make certain the paintings’ colors are set off optimally. These are standards that Reggiani’s technical products definitely meet. And LEDs in the luminaires and spotlights also cut 70 percent off the gallery’s power bill.

Preparations for the Asot Hass show in the rooms reserved for changing exhibitions. Photo: © Julo Nagy
With the LED luminaires from Reggiani the exhibit are illuminated constantly smooth. Photo: © Julo Nagy
The Reggiani “Sunluce” spotlights provide pleasant light – and that includes for those attending the museum. Photo: © Julo Nagy
Unusual presentations require flexible lighting systems. Photo: © Julo Nagy
With the Lighting fixtures from Reggiani for the first time a LED project was realized for the gallery. Photo: © Julo Nagy
The luminaires need to create ideal lighting conditions but remain discreet in order not to distract from the artworks. Photo: © Julo Nagy
In Bratislava, a glass of champagne is also part of any vernissage. Photo: © Julo Nagy
Large circular openings in the ceilings allow much daylight in the gallery. Photo: © Julo Nagy
The lighting has an angle beam of 30° for different sculptures to present them best possible. Photo: © Julo Nagy