Jaime Hayon’s garden fantasies
Apr 2, 2013
Jaime Hayon in his studio, photo © Klunderbie
Jaime Hayon is and remains an all-rounder of design. And his new outdoor collection is all the more magical – developed for BD Barcelona. You could be forgiven for thinking that these are simply refined clay vessels ready to house beautiful flowers and in which could be placed in a fine iron frame. As you’ll soon notice that there’s a whole lot more to them.

Hayon’s Gardenias collection for patios and gardens consists of a bench, a simple armchair and one that is covered by a kind of canopy. As always with Jaime Hayon, they’re incredibly clear and precise and yet have a sense of the romantic about them, sensuous, crazy and simply imbued with the spirit and shapes of historical examples – while always remaining comfortable and practical. What more could one want? If there’s something like an original eclectic or an eclectic perfectionist, then the title must surely go only to Jaime Hayon. Without doubt, you’ve got to see Gardenias!

And for anyone who missed them in Cologne, like the BD Barcelona Konstantin Grcic’s “Bench B” is another must. While Jaime Hayon brings to mind the warm evening breeze in a Spanish Mediterranean coastal resort, Konstantin Grcic sends us good wishes from a Bavarian beer garden, where Mies van der Rohe is sitting, quaffing a beer and dreaming up the lounge chair for a pavilion in Barcelona – or something similar. (tw)
Sketches of the "Gardenias" vases, photo © Klunderbie
The "Gardenias" vase series, photo © Klunderbie
The "Gardenias" armchairs with pergola, photo © Klunderbie
The chairs of the "Gardenias" collection, photo © Klunderbie
"Gardenias" benches, photo © Klunderbie