Gloster 2022: HAVEN

With "Haven", Sebastian Herkner has designed an outdoor collection for Gloster whose comfortable furnishings create a place of retreat.

Luxuriously upholstered: the lounge chair, the two- and three-seater sofa and the generous ottoman from the "Haven" collection by Sebastian Herkner for Gloster offer the greatest possible comfort, framed by teak. The back and side walls are gently rounded and have a protective effect on those sitting on them. "With broadside symmetry and a graceful hint of yacht-like curvature, Haven conveys a sense of impeccable craftsmanship and serenity. While the profile alone invites maritime musings, on closer inspection you learn that the allusion to this style is far from accidental," says the designer. Thanks to the robust fabrics, there are no limits to the dream of a safe haven - what exactly it should look like can also be individually designed with the many versions available. The coffee tables in two sizes are also a perfect accompaniment to the seating furniture. After the waves of the day, it is wonderful to relax in the Gloster haven. (am)