An all-round table

At Orgatec 2022 Gumpo will be presenting “pipo”, a new table offering a maximum of flexibility, an impressive feature in itself. This lightweight item can be assembled without tools, adapted to suit individual requirements, and hooked up to the power supply by means of an invisible cable duct.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 10/24/2022

What is it that looks heavy but is actually light? “pipo” by Relvãokellermann for Gumpo, for example. Our first impression is that of the kind of classic table that has a rectangular or square tabletop, sturdy legs and probably weighs quite a lot. At second glance, however, we are struck by a surprising fact – despite its substantial proportions “pipo” is surprisingly light. The reason for this is to be found in the table’s insides. The structure of the tabletop’s core means it has been possible to dispense with strengthening metal cross struts. Just about all the table’s parts are made of wooden products. Its legs consist of varnished wooden tubes which can be connected to the tabletop easily and without tools. This tubing is not only light in weight, it can also fulfill another function. If the user so desires, several cables can be fed through it, thus unobtrusively connecting up laptops, smartphones and similar devices to the power supply. Accordingly, at the upper end of a table leg users can opt for a USB port, an end-cover with openings for data cables, or a closed end-cover, depending on requirements. This makes for maximum freedom of use. So, whether “pipo” is needed for a long meeting in the office, a quick brainstorming session as a team in a co-working space, a presentation at a hotel, or for a stand-alone workstation inside somebody’s own four walls, the table always provides a suitable furnishing solution without too much effort being required.

The natural versatility of its materials also means the table can be delivered in customized sizes. “What we were after was a table, the dimensions of which could be specified by the customer relatively freely. This meant a table that could be used for a large number of purposes and for smaller floor plans. Since Gumpo processes wood, it soon became evident to us that sufficient flexibility could only be achieved by using a wooden structure. In order to meet all the requirements in terms of functionality and load-bearing properties, we opted for innovative wooden products. The materials that the table uses very much determined the aesthetics of ‘pipo’,” explains Sebastian Waibel. Depending on requirements, the lightweight top can come in various different finishes, such as laminate or veneer. Relvãokellermann and Gumpo CEO Waibel have also thought about the logistics. The components of “pipo” can be packed flat, thus saving space, minimizing shipping volume, and reducing inputs for transportation. Apart from “pipo”, other innovations presented by Gumpo at Orgatec include the cupboard system “RKS” and pharmacy cabinet “APKM”. Also on show for the first time and developed during the pandemic are the “dito workbench” and “pony”, a combination of seat and table.

Gumpo @ Orgatec 2022

October 25-29, 2022
Hall 10.2, booth L-020