New standards

Design duo Relvāokellermann has developed a collection that combines tried-and-tested elements with new ones – on behalf of office manufacturer Gumpo
by Anna Moldenhauer | 10/3/2018

Looking back at office furnishings from the 1990s, they all look a bit massive: very boxy monitors towered on expansive desk tops, rows of hanging files dangled in drawer units, and documents piled high on shelves. Digital data processing was still in its infancy, the paperless office was still a very long way off. Work culture has changed enormously since then. Modern office worlds are meant to be flexible and space-saving, while still complying with the relevant norms and guidelines. Relvāokellermann’s Ana Relvão and Gerhardt Kellermann relied on the expertise of office furniture manufacturer Gumpo in order to strike out in a new direction.

Ranging from foldable lecterns to streamlined trolleys, the designs all speak a restrained, logical language derived from their respective function. “We don’t want our products to scream for attention in a space,” says Gerhardt Kellermann. Instead of resorting to fashionable bravado, the collection with its subdued colors and clear shapes dovetails with a wide range of architectural projects. The visually stringent collection is based on a practical concept: Eschewing metal and base frames has in most cases enabled Gumpo to carry out many of the manufacturing steps required in their own workshops. The formally pared-down models using chipboard, cable networks and flexible power outlets have what it takes to emerge as real Gumpo classics. The new collection will be presented in Hall 10.1, Stand F021 at the upcoming Orgatec, the trade fair for contemporary working environments, in Cologne from October 23-27.