Mineral color tones and coarse surfaces conjure up a cosmic atmosphere in rooms.

Planetary Explorations

The fascinating beauty of infinite expanses comes to earth in new textures and shades.

“The reconnect with nature is a growing need in our urban world, which is so shaped by stress and pollution,” professes Natalie Weinmann of Carlin International. This includes a view out into space.

As a result, in fabrics the dark colors of the night sky mixes with mineral tones and new textures. Light and dark, bright white, tender rose, and blueish green reflect the unknown expanse of the planet and space. Coarse and detailed in structure, the materials lend interiors a character very much of their own.

At the same time, voluminous textiles with surprising relief-like textures create a protective, flexible outer skin. The voyage into the unknown offers new wipe techniques and refined shades.

As a counterpart to the coarse structures, voluminous fabrics create a protective, soft outer skin.
Bright and dark shades are touched up with cool nuances and tender dusky rose for the gaze into outer space.