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Nov 24, 2013

Hailed today as a sought-after manufacturer of premium drain systems, Dallmer is celebrating its centenary this year. In its commemorative publication the company looks back on 100 years of trailblazing innovation and expertise. Over several generations, Dallmer evolved from its origins as a metal-working company first into a sanitary installations manufacturer before it finally specialized in superior solutions for superbly designed floor and shower outlets and drainage systems. Dallmer’s multi-prizewinning drains and shower channels CeraLine, CeraNiveau und CeraWall are at the heart of the superior product range, which has no less than revolutionized bathroom architecture. With their superbly elegant yet unobtrusive design, Dallmer shower trays and drains always exude a touch of minimalist elegance, while the technology proper stays concealed, in keeping with the trend of the bathroom as a luxurious sanctuary of wellbeing.

Things were very different back in the 1960s, when a bathroom of your own was only just emerging as the standard. At the time Dallmer supplied the matching accessories to advance the new trend. As a consequence, the company grew into a manufacturer of sanitary wares, using cutting-edge materials such as polyethylene and later polypropylene for its products. And there was more: Helmuth Dallmer pioneered the production of the first p-trap syphon, which was showcased at the ISH in 1963 and marked a veritable revolution in bathroom architecture. The ball point developed in conjunction with this syphon continues to be standard in the sanitary industry still today.

Yet even before that, in the 1950s, Dallmer was keen to expand its product range with such innovative materials as Bakelite for the molded parts. Always firmly committed to innovation, the company thus succeeded in reinventing itself step by step, morphing from a metal-working manufacturing company into a premium manufacturer of high-quality drain systems and fittings. Nonetheless, the long-standing tradition of craftsmanship continues to play a major role to this day: For exclusive projects shower drains and channels will be customized to fit special requirements.

Nowadays, Dallmer is renowned for premium designs that complement modern shower and bathroom architecture. Johannes Dallmer, the company founder’s grandson, and his daughter Yvonne continue championing innovation in technology, yet always with an eye on good design. Exclusive reference projects such as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London bear witness to the quality of their approach.

Photo: © Dallmer
Photo: © Dallmer
Extremely flat, shower channels provide a good alternative to drain covers. Photo: © Dallmer
The main focus is on design and the technology works in the background. Photo: © Dallmer
In the 1960s Dallmer started producing sanitary installations made of plastic. Photo: © Dallmer
For special projects, elegant shower channels are customized to fit requirements. Photo: © Dallmer
Dallmer was founded 100 years ago as an engraving and embossing company. Photo: © Dallmer
Nowadays, Dallmer is a specialist for decorative outlets and shower trays. Photo: © Dallmer

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