Heimtextil Trends: From Earth


Do you know what it takes for textiles to be produced sustainably? And what is needed so that holistic recycling can also be implemented? Answers to these and many more questions on the subject of sustainable home and contract textiles will be provided by the Trend Space at Heimtextil from 10 to 13 January 2023 in Frankfurt/Main.

Studio FranklinTill from London, the Stijlinstituut Amsterdam and the Spott Trends & Business agency from Denmark form this year's team of experts for the design forecast, which will be presented in the Trend Space at Heimtextil 23/24 – this time in Hall 9.0. The staging of the trends was curated by Studio FranklinTill, who want to send a clear signal for the circular economy with the "Material Manifesto". With this in mind, the space is designed to be as sustainable as possible with predominantly recycled materials and a strict waste avoidance strategy.

The Future Materials Library by Studio FranklinTill, which has already been successfully established, is also part of the Trend Space at Heimtextil: the hybrid material library pays tribute to radical designers, forward-looking manufacturers and environmentally conscious producers who are helping to transform the current linear system of production and consumption into a circular model. On the online edition, it is also possible to explore examples from the material library all year round. For the exhibition at the Trend Space of the International Trade Fair for Home and Contract Textiles, the Heimtextil Trend Council has developed four themes under the motto "Textiles Matter": "Make and Remake", "Continuous", "From Earth" and "Nature Engineered". Make and Remake" shows how textile recycling can be used to reduce both the consumption of resources and the amount of textile waste. Remnants are combined in collages to create new works, patterns and colours can be changed by overprinting and overdyeing. Visible repairs, however, are not a shortcoming, but serve as decoration and make the textile unique. The history of the fabrics can be retold and haptically embellished with embroidery, structures and appliqués.

In the area of the "Continuous" trend, the Heimtextil Trend Council also describes a closed cycle in which textiles can be recycled over a long period of time without producing waste. Quality and aesthetics can also be maintained in this process, as current recovery processes are significantly advanced. The Trend Council demonstrates our connection with nature particularly intensively with "From Earth": Textiles that are free of chemical treatments offer a fascinating wealth of natural colours and haptics. Small irregularities, which are part of the appearance of untreated textiles, are not to be hidden but characterise their uniqueness. The colour palette for this consists primarily of brown and green shades, corresponding to the tones found in the earth and with a view to botany. A common path with the nature from which we originate is also described by the "Nature Engineered" trend: Organic materials such as raffia, hemp, linen or nettles are upgraded and perfected with current technologies. "Given the ecological emergency we are currently in, the textile industry has a responsibility to review its processes and change them for the better. For this reason, we are taking a material-oriented approach to this edition of Heimtextil Trends and focusing on the sourcing, design and sustainability of materials.

"'Textiles Matter' highlights the potential of the circular economy and recognises design initiatives that are beautiful, relevant and, above all, sustainable," says Marta Giralt Dunjó of FranklinTill. The Trend Council's research, which will be exhibited at Heimtextil Trend Space 23/24, thus also offers an insight into the many possibilities available to the industry as well as to designers and consumers to create a sustainable circular economy together. At the Trend Space, clear approaches will also be given as to how the turnaround for the textile industry could succeed in the long term.

10 – 13 January 2023

Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH
Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

"'Textiles Matter' highlights the potential of the circular economy and recognises design initiatives that are beautiful, relevant and, above all, sustainable," says Marta Giralt Dunjó of FranklinTill.