In praise of flatness
May 23, 2012

In recent years, showers have changed dramatically, morphing from nondescript cells where people would wash into micro wellness centers. The latter boast rain shower heads, side spray nozzles and massage jets, transparent shower walls and not least flat shower trays to strike the perfect note in terms of elegance, whereby flatness is the real buzzword.

Dallmer’s “CeraLine Plan” shower drain channel is not just flat, but likewise delivers fast drainage and a perfect fit. In this way straight-line drainage can be installed in new builds and conversion or modernization projects alike; a drainage system that is practical and compliments the materials and style of the respective location – whenever a low shower tray is called for. Irrespective of whether the floor-flat shower tray is angled toward the wall (“CeraLine Plan W”) or into the room (“CeraLine Plan F”), the “CeraLine Plan” system is bound to meet the brief; at just 90 mm in height. The CeraLine Nano system with an overall height of just 68 millimeters allows for a flooring finish that is more sleek and slim-line than ever before. The length can vary from 50-200 centimeters, and additional lengths can be attached if needed.

This is facilitated by a particularly flat, front-mounted drain body beneath the stainless steel drainage channel. The streamlined drainage technique and the DN 50 outlet means that “CeraLine Plan” achieves a drainage rate of 0.7 l/s according to DIN EN 1253 (20 millimeter dam height). The shower channels have an in-built gradient thus preventing the collection of stagnant water and are for the most part self-cleaning, whereby the trap can be removed for cleaning without the need for tools. A special model of Dallmer’s shower channels is also available with two drains, which makes for any even higher drainage capacity.

A series of images show precisely how the “CeraLine” shower channels are constructed. “CeraLine” channels are very easy to install, aided by such features as a front-mounted drain with ball joint, sound-insulating height-adjustable leveling legs, a sanded flange for secure connections, a tile gauge for even tiling, and an angled flange for installation adjacent to the wall, a sound-insulating wall bracket, and more besides.

Dallmer’s “CeraLine Plan” shower drain channel is flat, photo © Dallmer
Dallmer’s “CeraLine Plan” drain system was designed with floor-flat shower trays in mind, photo © Dallmer
Placement of Dallmer’s “CeraLine Plan” shower drain channel, photo © Dallmer

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