Relaxation and health care: The bathroom of today must be multifunctional.

Feels good and keeps you healthy

Personal hygiene has long since been a priority and wellness already is, too. Today health is increasingly the focus of bathrooms. And you can find the corresponding products at the ISH, the world’s leading trade fair for the sanitary, heating technology and air-conditioning technology industry.
by Uta Abendroth | 2/23/2017

In various surveys conducted by the market research institutes Forsa and Emnid, four out of five Germans name health as the most important basic need of all – even ahead of the desire for a harmonious partnership, a nice home and provisions for the future. Yet what do Germans do to stay healthy? According to a country comparison by the European Commission, people in Germany most like to keep physically fit and healthy at home; wellness centers and fitness clubs play only a subordinate role. This puts the focus all the more on the bathroom, for in well-conceived, attractively designed and fully accessible bathrooms relaxation, wellbeing and healthcare are the order of the day. Correspondingly, bathrooms can be furnished such that they offer users the best-possible support to this end. Precisely what that means can be seen and experienced at the upcoming ISH in myriad ways. Be it whirlpool systems by Villeroy & Boch, a rain shower by Axor that helps wash away the stress of daily life or indeed an entire spa complete with contrast shower for the legs, as presented by Dornbracht – health-promoting water applications that can be effortlessly integrated into daily life are increasingly taking center stage.

Trusting the healing power of water

Alongside stress alleviation, relaxation and circulation-stimulating applications, we are currently seeing a return to the natural healing power of water, which can be experienced above all in a bathtub, irrespective of whether it is made of conventional steel or a solid-surface material. In a warm, soothing bath in the tub the natural buoyancy of the water alone is enough to relieve the joints and relax the muscles. Moreover, positive effects can be observed on circulation, metabolism and breathing: The pressure of the water causes the distribution of the blood to change and more goes to the heart and lungs. A warm bath, especially in combination with a bubble-jet function, makes the blood vessels dilate, muscles and tendons relax. And because a warm bath also calms the nerves, in the end even the vegetative nervous system benefits from it. Inflammation and injuries on the other hand require cold applications. Where health and feel-good effects are concerned it is not only the water temperature that plays a role, indeed, water pressure can also be used to great effect. With the help of special nozzles water massages can be integrated into the daily shower ritual in the comfort of one’s own home. They loosen, alleviate and prevent the build-up of tension, stimulate circulation and metabolism and increase the general feeling of wellbeing.

Blue Lagoon: light scenarios and shower variants should stimulate the circulation and contribute to the recovery.

Lighting scenarios and Kneipp therapy very popular

Yet the options and functions in a modern bathroom to do something for our health go even further. Individually adjustable lighting scenarios make for a relaxing atmosphere; modern saunas as well as steam, rain, cascade and massage showers stimulate the circulation and metabolism, relieve the airways and aid the treatment of skin impurities. Kneipp applications in particular are again high on the list of health-promoting activities: Contrast showers with hose-fitted showerheads, as full-body showers or in specially designed hip baths are part of the basic repertoire when it comes to hydrotherapy. And so that older people can enjoy the beneficial effects of such treatments safely and easily too, floor-level outlets are now just as self-evident as showers with folding and heated seats as well as handgrips and anti-slip coatings.

Bathrooms today are flexible and barrier free

In addition, numerous products will be on view at the ISH that guarantee full accessibility. Companies aim to enable flexibility in the bathroom with their wash basins, WCs and showers however old, large or mobile users are. After all, according to a prognosis by the German Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden some 24 million people aged 60 and above will be living in private households in 2020. In this area too the sanitary industry has long since begun preparing itself for changed needs. Accordingly, solutions and designs will be presented at the ISH that combine quality of life and practicability. The option to be able to flexibly adapt one’s bathroom furnishings to one’s own standards and needs, which will change over time, is not only practical, but undoubtedly also increases user wellbeing.

Where the health aspect is concerned, WC hygiene is also becoming increasingly significant. In Asia so-called “washlets” have long been standard. Now however ever more Europeans are recognizing the benefits of these shower-toilets. Compared to the combination of toilet and bidet this not only saves space, but a shower-toilet also enables gentle cleansing with water and drying with warm air at the push of a button. The many beneficial activities and individual functions make the bathroom the ideal place for healthcare.

Frankfurt/Main trade fair grounds
March 14 – 18, 2017

Opening times:
March 14 – 17, 2017: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
March 18, 2017: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (public day)

Strengthens the immune system: For a long time, the sauna was banished to the cellar, now it is integrated into the bathroom.