So where’s the bathroom? Boring expanses of tiles are passé, what was once a wet cell will in future only be apparent at second glance.

Bathroom loungers and digital showers

Many people dream of transforming their bathroom into living space. What can still easily be realized are practical tiled landscapes. At the ISH the trend forum Pop up my Bathroom showcases several potential versions of a cozy bathroom.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 2/10/2017

Pop up my Bathroom is all about customized bathrooms. The idea: to let people experience a new flexibility in bathroom design. So during ISH, the world’s largest trade fair for the combination of water and energy, in the Europa room in Hall 4.0 eight different bathroom variations are set to be presented that explore the immense scope that new materials and products have made available in bathroom design. In some cases, the transformations are so great it is only at second glance that the rooms fitted with fitness equipment, curtains and solid-wood furniture are recognizable as bathrooms.

Flexible with a modular design

Rather than focusing solely on the practical benefits of a bathroom with standard fittings, the emphasis is firmly on comfort and wellbeing during our daily bathroom routines. And it is not only different materials that lend an individual character to what was previously merely a functional space, but also flexible and modular furnishings: Sanitation fittings accommodate different body sizes and weights thanks to ergonomic shapes and adjustable heights, while furniture systems can be adapted to almost every architectural situation. Moreover, fittings, jets and water outlets can be individually positioned and altered as desired. Nor is there any need to worry about the steam from your shower damaging the furniture, with water-repellant surfaces protecting precious timbers from damage through steam or spurting water.

And anyone who thinks with horror of the once popular tiles in pale pink, beige or moss green will be relieved to see the easily replaceable fronts and variable stylistic elements. Whether you want your own emblem or color variations in the ceramic, when it comes to surface design all manner of styling is possible virtually down to the smallest detail. Customers can even design the shape of their bathtubs themselves.

Digital bathrooms

Meanwhile digitalization has also conquered the bathroom. Things like lighting, temperature and entertainment devices can be individually controlled. Thanks to a digital display the water temperature can be precisely controlled, for example, and the lighting can be adapted to suit the time of day, while the mirror no longer steams up because it is heated. Once preselected, the individual settings can simply be called up when needed. Even the depth of the bathwater can be determined in advance. And thanks to multimedia system surfaces you can follow the news, say, during your morning routine. Hygiene is also improved by having fittings controlled by sensors so they no longer need to be touched.

Those who not only want to experience and try out the eight bathrooms at ISH, but would also like more background information on current developments in bathroom culture might be interested in the lecture forum Pop up my Bathroom Atelier. All lectures can be downloaded.

Pop up my Bathroom
ISH, Hall 4.0, Europa room
Organizers: German Sanitary Industry Association in cooperation with Messe Frankfurt

Frankfurt/Main trade fair grounds
March 14 to 17, 2017 from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m.
March 18, 2017 from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. (open to the public)

Fitness and spa: Both can easily be combined if the bathroom design is accordingly individual.