Modular Solitaire

Distinctive, clear and functional: The shelf system “tRACK” by Volume K by Kesseböhmer makes a clear statement in any room.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 6/3/2019

An open shelf that is modular in character and has clear highlights: At the beginning of the year “tRACK” by Volume K by Kesseböhmer publicly premiered at imm cologne. Featuring an adjustable grid layout and different surface finishes, the system offers numerous possibilities for individualization: The finishes of the frame, the T-shapes connectors, and the steel shelves can be selected individually and combined. The color spectrum ranges from brilliant chrome luster to the warm copper hue “Sunset”. The metal elements are treated and processed in Kesseböhmer’s in-house electroplating and powder-coating facility. This is a luxury that ensures quality, as every step in the production can thus be precisely implemented and monitored.

The system’s scratchproof sandwich shelves stand out both in terms of aesthetics and functionality: Bolted to each connector, they are exceedingly robust. “tRACK” has been reduced to the essentials, yet with its emphasis on strong details certainly succeeds in providing attractive accents in any setting. With its modular structure, the system can be used in a range of ways, including as a partition or sideboard, and can be expanded as needed. “tRACK” is based on Kesseböhmer’s approach to traditional craft: Since 1954, the metal construction specialist from Bad Essen has been establishing its reputation on an international market by constructing models, molds and tools. The range of possibilities for combining “tRACK”, as well as measurements and information can be accessed digitally via an app, which Kesseböhmer offers for download free of charge. At imm cologne 2019 the new shelving system was selected for “choices presented by Stylepark,” as well as being awarded the Iconic Award 2019.