The IKOS polyhedron was created during a collaboration between Laufen and the Basler Brasilea Foundation.

Sculptural ceramics

Laufen has combined selected objects made of SaphirKeramik, which have been developed in collaboration with artists and designers in recent years, to create a Home Collection.

With the Home Collection, Swiss ceramics manufacturer Laufen presents a curated selection of works made of SaphirKeramik that combine organic lines and geometric clarity. The experimental forms can be integrated into any living environment beyond the bathroom and, thanks to their outstanding design, serve not only as objects of daily use but are also sculpture. The works "AURELIO" by Alfredo Häberli and "VAL" by Konstantin Grcic translate Laufen's innovative SaphirKeramik into trays that truly rival fine porcelain: A robust material cast in elegant designs that are functional and aesthetic. "TRIO" by Thomas Feichtner consists of a tumbler, a soap dish and an accessory dish, for which the shape of the hexagon serves as the basis. "BABOON" by Josef Griessbach is inspired by African drums and Ethiopian headrests with a hollow body in the shape of a T, and can be both a stool and a shelf. A real eye-catcher is also the "Ikos" polyhedron, a geometric body with numerous flat surfaces, which was created on the occasion of an art project by Laufen in collaboration with the Brasilea Foundation in Basel. The "LIBRO" bookend can hold everything from cookbooks to novels and is attractive even without any printed matter.

With the Home Collection, Laufen offers artistic objects of daily use that address the increasingly fluid boundaries of living areas with multifunctional benefits. At the same time, the finely defined and robust material of SaphirKeramik enables an interdisciplinary design between design, architecture and art - and thus offers new perspectives in form. (am)